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Energywork Sessions Available

  • Both the Emotion Code and Energywork sessions are available via face-to-face or distance.
  • To enquire, please contact Joanie (604-469-7825 or ). 
  • Emotion Code Sessions

    Have you ever wished you could let go of your "baggage"? Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your feelings or over-reacted in a situation? Do you hide from people or feel friction with people? Are you unwell? Have you wondered what is getting in the way of you doing what you'd like to do or having what you'd like to have in your life?

    The Emotion Code is a fairly new energywork, which works on negative trapped emotions in the body. Once an emotion is identified, it is released with a magnet. Though most of these emotions that get trapped are in response to experiences in our own lives, occasionally emotions are absorbed from others or inherited from our parents/ancestors.
  • $80 per session (1st session 1hr, most ~30min)
  • $365 for 5 sessions ($35 savings)
  • $700 for 10 sessions ($100 savings)
    Energywork Sessions

  • Attunement, Reiki, Vibrational Healing sessions are available as usual
    (1-1.5hrs, $100/session) 

    My story: Even after years of therapy, something would happen in my life and I would get sick, which the medical profession always stated as an "unusual presentation". After age 50, I noticed my emotions were springing-up and, over time, they seemed to be getting stronger. Gradually, debilitating physical symptoms of systemic pain ensued with no diagnosis. Like a wave, the pain increased gradually and continuously for years. Enter the Emotion Code (EC).

    I began having sessions with a practitioner and read the book. I worked on others and myself, and took the Certification Program. I continue working with the EC, which helped me to begin exercising again and to get on a regime of no sugars, yeasts, proccessed foods, alcohol, and very little grains. I introduced veggie shakes and berry shakes, then juicing, and was fitted for orthodics. My symptoms have receded greatly.
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